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STUDIO Gallery

Mischief – characters, critters & cartoons under $400

July 21 – August 15, 2010

This unique musical-puzzle box is handmade by Bettina.
The bunnies, carrots and cupcakes came to life when they were first scratched in film, made into a photopolymer plate and then printed letterpress.

Painted with watercolors and cut out with use of extremely sharp razor blades.
Absolutely no bunny was harmed during this process.
They will be wishing you a Happy Birthday for many years to come!

size of the box:

(w) 4 inches x (l) 4 inches x (h) 2.75 inches

(t) 10 cm x (l) 10 cm x (h) 7 cm

mechanical windup music box plays ‘Happy Birthday’

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