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edition a book

… still working on ‘Looking for Matthew’. It has not been easy for me to continue working on this project. Of course there are always those excuses with ‘all the other deadlines’ but then… if I really wanted and if this had a deadline I would have had finished it long time ago. Six of the sets were finished by May. Nine more to complete the edition of fifteen. This time I asked a friend to help – makes a huge difference. not only that you commit to be at a certain place at a certain time, you also get more accomplished and even if you don’t talk a lot it’s nice to have company! The picture below shows seven boxes and eight books. The last details need to be done, like trimming labels, making the CD envelopes, trimming endpapers, glueing endpapers to the book block and casing in the books. Not sure why I had difficulties casing in the  books this time – but I had. Glueing down the endpaper only to find out that it was totally wrinkled. Most likely I was too slow and too careful bringing down the book cover, allowing for the paper to curl and wrinkle. This was not a problem with the first six books – I hope that I am doing better tomorrow.

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