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As always just before Christmas there was a lot going on and I was not going to make a Christmas card. I had skipped the year before and since my Chinese New Year card is coming at the beginning of the year it’s OK to skip Christmas. Then I found myself sitting at home, carving rubber-stamps! I had such fun that I stamped away and ended up with a book made of a single sheet of paper. As one of my friends mentioned: it counts for Easter, too, since there are so many little bunnies hopping around the Christmas tree! Once I had my story on the paper I took the original to a copy shop and made 50 color copies. Next step: take the copies to the printshop, letterpress the greeting (one in english the other one in german), fold the paper, cut the paper, sign the card, put the little book in glassine envelopes, add a little colophon, put the glassine envelope into real envelopes, add address and postage, bring to post office, mail before the Holidays  and DONE! That was easy ….

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