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Recently I shared my set-up for teaching classes using zoom on instagram. Some people were curious how the set-up looks when I am live, sitting at the table and demonstrating. I asked my boyfriend to help me take a picture of myself.

Both devices are logged into the zoom meeting. I am the host on the MacBook. Iphone joins on video only, no audio. Once all students are present I asked them to choose ‘gallery view’ and pin my video feed that shows the work surface (in addition I rename it to ‘work surface’). Now the participants will see the work surface on their screen as the large picture.
Before the meeting I make sure to have the iphone set up: using landscape. Note that the camera is on ‘my side’ when I am sitting down.
It’s me! sitting at the table, demonstrating a fold.
You can see my hands on the computer screen. I can see my hands on the screen with some delay, the computer video has me looking into the built in camera.

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