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Recently I shared my set-up for teaching classes using zoom on instagram. Some people were curious how the set-up looks when I am live, sitting at the table and demonstrating. I asked my boyfriend to help me take a picture of myself.

Both devices are logged into the zoom meeting. I am the host on the MacBook. Iphone joins on video only, no audio. Once all students are present I asked them to choose ‘gallery view’ and pin my video feed that shows the work surface (in addition I rename it to ‘work surface’). Now the participants will see the work surface on their screen as the large picture.
Before the meeting I make sure to have the iphone set up: using landscape. Note that the camera is on ‘my side’ when I am sitting down.
It’s me! sitting at the table, demonstrating a fold.
You can see my hands on the computer screen. I can see my hands on the screen with some delay, the computer video has me looking into the built in camera.

Hänsel & Gretel

Small Plate Publication San Francisco Center for the Book

2o16 Artists: Macy Chadwick, Jennie Hinchcliff, Bettina Pauly

4″x4″ book, linoleum block images, title foil stamped

Hänsel & Gretel, retold by Bettina Pauly

DSC_4209 DSC_4212 DSC_4216   DSC_4272 DSC_4219 DSC_4234DSC_4240 DSC_4229 DSC_4251

Pictures of the clam-shell box containing six books, one per poem.


my Smith-Corona typewriter


I have been working since more than two years on a new book. A serious of books. Six in total. Each of them featuring one of Bill Denham’s poems from ‘Looking for Matthew’. The selection was made by Bill when he printed these six poems as broadsides to give them to those who had supported the project with a certain amount of money. When I first saw the six poems I thought it would be very nice to feature them all in one accordion bound book, with abstract etchings. It never became that book – now it is a collection of six books. Written on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter. More to follow …

Germany Inside Out

Twelve German-American Artists share their views on Germany today. Exhibition June 20 – July 25, 2014, Opening Reception June 19, 6:30PM. Goethe Institut San Francisco, 530 Bush Street @ Grant Street, left of the China Town Gate.

My piece is a tunnel book with a collaged image of ‘Norddeutschland’ – ‘North Germany’.

Tunnel Book

It was a little bit of surprise to receive an email from the Pacific Center for the Book Arts PCBA – which was dormant for about two years.

The 15th members show ‘BookWorks’ was the reason behind the email. From June 18th through September 6th, in the skylight gallery of the San Francisco Public Library, the PCBA will showcase their members work. I did sign up for it and turned in ‘Looking for Matthew’, the book collaboration with Bill Denham. I am excited and look forward to the opening on Saturday, June 21st, 2014, 2-4PM.

‘Looking for Matthew’, poems by Bill Denham, binding by Bettina Pauly

I will be at the reading in Portland, Oregon this coming Wednesday. Very excited to be there.

Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here! An Evening of Music and Spoken Word
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

Location: Multnomah Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark Street, Portland
Admission Price: Free, donations accepted
RSVP: Not required.
Refreshments will be served.

On March 5th 2007, a car bomb exploded on Al Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad. 30 people were killed and more than 100 wounded. Al Mutanabbi Street, the historic center of Baghdad book selling, holds bookstores, outdoor bookstalls, cafes, teashops and more. It is an important gathering place for the city’s literary community.

This tragic event will be remembered on March 5, 2014 in Portland at the Multnomah Friends Meeting House at 4312 SE Stark Street. Under the auspices of the Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project, Portland will be one of 27 locations around the world, including Cairo, Egypt, to celebrate the indomitable spirit of that ancient street in Baghdad. We will remember together and express our solidarity with the Iraqi people and with poets, writers, and artists everywhere.

According to Bill Denham, one of the organizers of the event, “We see the evening as an expression of solidarity with the Iraqi people, with poets, writers, artist and seekers of truth everywhere. Out of the darkness and destruction of this suicide bombing, we are coming together to make community, to honor the dead and to defiantly create a little more light in this world.”

As always just before Christmas there was a lot going on and I was not going to make a Christmas card. I had skipped the year before and since my Chinese New Year card is coming at the beginning of the year it’s OK to skip Christmas. Then I found myself sitting at home, carving rubber-stamps! I had such fun that I stamped away and ended up with a book made of a single sheet of paper. As one of my friends mentioned: it counts for Easter, too, since there are so many little bunnies hopping around the Christmas tree! Once I had my story on the paper I took the original to a copy shop and made 50 color copies. Next step: take the copies to the printshop, letterpress the greeting (one in english the other one in german), fold the paper, cut the paper, sign the card, put the little book in glassine envelopes, add a little colophon, put the glassine envelope into real envelopes, add address and postage, bring to post office, mail before the Holidays  and DONE! That was easy ….

it’s finished!

I finished the print. Deadline was today. After finishing the print I went home. Skipped the box-making. Just a little too tired. The print turnt out to be in pastel colors. The color palette being purple/blue. The paper is Thai Mulberry, unbleached, which gives the light ‘yellow’ tone to the overall piece. I kept thinking about the color choice and wonder if the pastel colors are a little too candy like? With a darker palette would the print have more ‘bite’, more ‘depth’? However the print is very serene and the shape of the horse with its flowing tail and the clear lines are working with the color choice. Maybe I should do another print run and see how I like it with other colors! Something I can do in my spare time!!!

printing the block

I finished carving the block for the horse – only some minor adjustments are left. Now it’s time for the background. A reduction cut, I envision some rolling hills in the hour of dusk. Finished the first and second run. I started to print in a very pale yellow but changed it to a very pale purple. I want to gradually go to a darker blue. The horse will be the last layer in very dark blue or dark purple, maybe a mix of both.

proofing the horse

first run for the background

background layout

second run background – some of the block is carved away … and as always: time is running, this needs to be done by Saturday!

carving the block

keep carving! made some progress yesterday

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