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This was not easy – I was close to call it off and just not finish this book. But then I did it and now I am happy that I did not sleep the last week and worked entirely on this project. And guess what? I knew about it since April … the story of my life! HA! deadlines and procrastination go hand in hand. I feel like I am the queen of deadlines. The book was dropped of today at the ups store and it will be in Denver, CO at the Abecedarian Gallery on Thursday. The exhibition is based on the ‘Ideation by Chance’ cards by Barb Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. It was such a challenge for me to work with the cards. I had a total of ten cards to work with and incorporate in my work.

Technique:    low-tech (typewriter, rubber stamps, stencils, hand lettering, transfers, etc)
Image:          self-generated
Paper:           minimal paper use (emphasis on alternative material such as cloth, plastic, wood, etc)
Color:            primary
Structure:      accordion
Layout:          asymmetrical
Text:             process of erasure

Adjectives: 1) humorous, 2) sculptural, 3) surreal, 4) fragmented or mosaic, 5) WILD CARD incorporate self-reflexivity or evidence of process into your project

I will talk about this more in another post! have to go to bed ….

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