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ideation by chance

Why was it such a challenge for me to create a book using ten cards from a deck? I started with a whole different set of ‘pages’ for this book, using the story of the gazelle and the lion. I tried to bring everything together but it did not ‘feel right’. Something was missing. And then I was getting caught up on the cards: trying to use every single card and be very serious about it. I felt like I was in High-school again! And not using one of the cards or even two (!) would translate into a lesser grade…. I talked to a couple of people, trying to get some feedback and finally was able to step away and look at the cards simply as ideas. Ideas given to me to start a new book. Another important point was that I should like the book once it was finished. After all I spent hours creating it. Once I was able to be more at ease the book made progress, it came together and I finished it within a week. OK – I had to email the Gallery to let them know that I was submitting pictures of the book two days later than the deadline – which was OK (thank’s again Alicia!!!) The book shipped today, Columbus Day, and will be in Denver on Thursday, October 17th. There will be an online catalogue available and I am excited and curious to see the other artists’ books.

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